Blue Posts, Wiki Digest #3

A couple of blue posts and a Wiki digest today and sadly, an open beta is still "unlikely" to happen.

Blue Posts

Official Blizzard Quote:

Restricted Beta Access - Open beta is "unlikely"
We're restricting beta access because the intent is to test specific features, updates, and changes with specific amounts of testers. Inevitably we will want, at times, 'stress' testing with larger groups of testers allowed in, but it's unlikely we'll have an open beta or an invite included with the purchase of the game. (Source - Blue Tracker)

Diablo 3 Trial Version
Ah, ok. Yeah we'll probably have a trial version similar to WoW and SC2 have sometime around or shortly after release. Our trial versions are a bit more involved than normal game demos, I'd say, in a good way! (Source - Blue Tracker)

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition WoW Pet already available
Diablo III was originally shooting for a 2011 release. No reason to hold the bonuses back too though if they're done and ready. (Source - Blue Tracker)

Individual loot in co-op games and people stacking Magic Find
MF takes up potential item slots that could be +dmg or other useful stats. so the more magic find you have, the less utility and damage you are contributing, yet you get the most loot.
It's a recognized issue, just not one that has been attacked and a final design solution proposed/implemented.

We have short list of primary design values for Diablo III, and one of them is 'Do no harm to co-op.'

Whatever solution we end up at it cannot compromise the desire to play with others, either through literal disadvantages, to social situations that cause frustrations through griefing, mistrust, people 'pulling their own weight', etc.

Some of that we simply cannot control. It's an online game. You're going to end up in some undesirable situations no matter how hard we try, but we can at least try to minimize them to being inconsequential by ensuring the game mechanics do not allow inherent misuse at a detriment to the co-op experience. (Source - Blue Tracker)

Wiki Digest #3 (by PhrozenDragon)
What's New?
Sinate has continued to update the items that had their stats changed in the last patch, this week changing all - Daibo Daibo weapons. - Electrified Electrified, - Mortar Mortar, - Frozen Frozen, - Teleporter Teleporter and the other unique attributes found on monsters in Diablo III have been either added or updated by Apoc." class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Illusionist"/> Illusionist monsters have also been removed since the last patch.

Curse has added the math extension to the wiki, which will allow us to add formulas to wiki pages. While it hasn't been used on any pages yet, expect to see it in the future.

The item lists are also in the process of being updated, and you can see how the new pages are supposed to look by checking out - Helm List Helm List.

What's Being Discussed?
Nothing of importance to mention here this week unfortunately, though the previously mentioned main page remake is likely to be put in place in the near future.

Weekly Tutorial
Since this article is a little short, I'll take this opportunity to showcase/explain a nice feature in the wiki. This first time it'll be category system" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - the category system"/> the category system. I don't know if anyone of you have ever tried using the wikipedia categories for anything, but as far as I've experienced it's usually a horrid mess that doesn't really help you find any useful information. We've tried our best however, and are still working, to try and make the categories in DiabloWiki a little more easy and useful to navigate.

If you clicked the above link, you'll see a list of major categories, such as games, images, classes, lore etc. These are intended to help you find your way in the wiki. Let's say you're looking for a quest icon from Diablo II, but you don't remember the name of the quest. If so, you can click on" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Images"/> Images> II Images" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Diablo II Images"/> Diablo II Images> II Quest Images" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Diablo II Quest Images"/> Diablo II Quest Images> II Quest Icon Images" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Diablo II Quest Icon Images"/> Diablo II Quest Icon Images>!" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - bingo!"/> bingo!

You can use the categories to find any number of things in the wiki if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, but have an idea of what kind of information it is.


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