Act 1 through 4 Loading Screens, Wiki Digest #2

Loading Screens - Act 1 through 4!
The loading screens for the 4 Acts of Diablo 3 have been added to the game files in the latest beta patch, see below.

Wiki Digest #2 (by PhrozenDragon)

What's New? - Mephisto Mephisto has received his lore article update, bringing him up to speed with his brothers and the rest of the Lesser Evils.

Last week I reported that we'd redone the structure behind all Diablo II items. That was not entirely true, as set bonuses had not been accounted for. That has now been fixed by Apoc however. He's also added a new - Achievements Achievements page. It's currently very basic but will be updated with fancier graphics.

The - quests quests available in the beta have been updated to reflect the new amounts of experience the player received upon completing them.

Lastly, the various follower skill changes recently revealed have all been added to the wiki and the old ones removed, see - Templar Templar, - Scoundrel Scoundrel and - Enchantress Enchantress. Those pages have also been updated to use the standard skill template that is used for the five classes, thus bringing a more uniform look to the wiki.

What's Being Discussed?
A suggestion was raised that we redo how we display items on item pages (see: - The Grandfather The Grandfather) and instead opt for a display method closer to what is seen in-game. Talkerst has begun on an example (do remember that this is a sandbox, and thus may look funky at present) of what we could shoot for.


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