Book of Cain, More Beta, and Fan Art

Book of Cain Update
It appears that there is still some confusion on the actual release date for the Book of Cain. Some claim that it could be available as early as November 30. Personally, I pre-ordered the book the day it appeared before it was removed and my release date claims to be within Nov. 18 - 22. There have been other confirmations of an early December release when Amazon sent out product updates for the book for pre-sales. While the date is still not set in stone, when asked if the book was planned for release this month on Twitter. Bashiok responded:

Official Blizzard Quote:

@CherubDown I'm pretty sure it won't.
Speaking of lore, if you missed it this weekend, be sure to check out PhrozenDragon's Birthright Lore and Quiz Reference. Test your knowledge of the book and its Diablo lore at large.

Beta Invites and Errors
Another quick mention that there appears to be more beta invites going out through both the Facebook contest as well as opt-in accounts.
For those of you lucky enough to be in the beta right now, be on the look out for the dreaded 24000 bug that has been finding its way into people's account, mine included. The bug seems to be telling servers that your account has been banned when it actually has not, and it will not allow you to play. The Blizzard team is well aware of the situation and is working hard to fix the error. The good news is that because it is being banned server side, once they figure it out, everyone that received the error will have their games fixed since they do not have to change anything per account. However, the Diablo team is asking for help to track this nasty bug down.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Hey guys,
I have a special request from the development team. We are hunting for logs to help track down a account problem.
There is currently a bug where testers are having their accounts locked by, either by playing or using the Auction House. This is NOT a wide-spread issue, but still an annoying one. Now that we have a lot of logs that show testers' accounts broken, I was wondering if anyone could post logs that were generated when the game WORKED and the became corrupt from this bug.

As a reminder, D3Debug.txt re-writes itself every time you start a new game, so here are the steps to get the perfect logs we are looking for:
1. Log into the Beta with an account that works.
2. Play the Beta and use the Auction House.
3. If you encounter the Error_24000 or other issues, IMMEDIATELY copy the D3Debug.txt file to your desktop and post it to Don't forget to remove your e-mail address :)
Thanks for your help with this guys. Having logs of broken accounts and accounts that became broken would be very helpful. Please post your links to at the end of this thread:

Parental Problems
In case you have not heard, Blizzard is giving Diablo III away for free if you sign up for a year's subscription of World of Warcraft. However, it was noted that if your WoW account has parental controls on it, you may miss out on the deal. An e-mail has been sent out to those who fall in this category warning them that due to the mature nature and rating of Diablo III, there account will not be given free access unless the parent on the account approves it. So, if any of you are in this situation, make sure not to miss out on free Diablo III.
Fan Art

While we unfortunately do not have any new Fan Art here on DiabloFans to show you guys, there was an update on the Diablo III community site.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo: We've updated the #D3 Fan Art gallery to feature Izual the betrayer, Duriel, and the awesome ladies of Diablo III:

If you have any fan art to show the rest of us and would like for it to be shown here on the front page, you can always upload your images through the DiabloFans gallery and post them in the fan art section. We're always happy to have new, enthusiastic artists join our members!

And, while not exactly fan art, someone has out together a nice Diablo-themed design for the Google Chrome web browser. If you happen to use Chrome, you might want to check it out and make your everyday browsing that much more Diablo-esque.


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