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Here we go again. Following in the proud tradition (ha!) of the previous bi-weekly wiki series, we'll be showing what's going on in the wiki every Sunday from now on. We'll be giving you a roundup of what's happened over the last few days and what is currently being discussed and planned over there. Feel free to chime in on what's going on in the wiki if you find a section where you want to help out. With that in mind, let's kick off this first week.

What's New?
The class skill pages have been updated with additional information such as resource costs and cooldowns. Check out the - Barbarian Barbarian, or any other class, for the change.

The entirety of our Diablo II items, comprising every normal, exceptional, elite, unique, set, rune word and crafted item have been moved to the data namespace by Apoc. This may not say you anything, but it allows the item data to be used in much more flexible ways. So if someone would like to make item lists for Diablo II items (I'm looking at you kahdrick ;)) this would now be possible.
The recent patch changes pretty much every single item we had in the wiki, and Sinate and Wynthyst have been hard at work to update all of it. It's not yet finished but a good chunk is done.

Some new maps have been added to the fixed areas of the game, such as - The Weeping Hollow The Weeping Hollow. Thanks goes to soulzek for creating these maps for us!

There's also some brand new and rewritten lore articles in the wiki for your reading pleasure by yours truly: - Baal Baal, - Lilith Lilith, - Great Evils Great Evils and many others have been updated with the latest lore information. Spoilers are of course present.

What's Being Discussed?
Talkerst has drawn up some ideas on new template documentation for the wiki to make it easier to figure out just what the hell one is supposed to do if one wants to help out. Check it out here and the discussion about it here.

The main page is also (once again) regoing a redesign. Two proposed layouts are up for discussion, the Box Layout and the List Layout. Chime in on the discussion here if you have any preferences.


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