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The Diablo lore used to be easy to understand: listen to all npc speeches and do all the quests and you'd know almost everything there was to know about the games. You could read the game manuals and get some extra information, but the general picture remained the same.

These days it's much tougher since the latest canonical lore is (at the moment) contained in three separate fantasy books. Some might not be able to read them, some might not want to, but even for those who have read the books it can be a staggering task to piece together the various bits and pieces of lore strewn about in them.

In an attempt to help you all understand the lore even better, I've compiled a reference of all the books in the Sin War trilogy. Each chapter has its own section and lists what characters appear, where it takes place, a brief description of what happens and a list of all the interesting lore points mentioned in it.

While this isn't a substitute for reading the books, it can be a great help for those trying to remember what actually happened in the books, or those looking for trivia and the finer details of the lore. The Birthright reference isn't as conclusive as the other two since I improved my formatting after finishing this one, but it's still quite comprehensive.

As an added bonus, I've also created a quiz of 16 questions (all from Birthright) that test your lore trivia knowledge. Similar quizzes will be included with the other two referenced as well. Enjoy :) (And no cheating!)

Spoiler Warning: Don't even read the questions unless you've already read, or don't care, about the books.

Here's a rundown of what the difficulties mean. Five questions for each except for master.
Easy: These questions shouldn't be impossble to answer correctly even for people who haven't read the series.
Medium: Slightly harder, these deal more with events in the book and probably require you to have read the books, though you might perhaps complete a few if you've gotten some info from forums and wikis.
Hard: These are hardcore nerd details. Unless you've scoured the books you probably can't answer these.
Master: If you nail this one, I'll be impressed. Requires cross-referencing to answer.

Oh, and here are the average scores of the five staffies who tested them for me. Some knew their lore and some didn't ;)

Easy: 4.2/5
Medium: 3/5
Hard: 0.4/5
Master: 0/1


1: - Uldyssian Uldyssian is the main character of the series, but what is the name of his brother?

2: Two major religions are revealed to be at work in Birthright. One is the Temple of the - Triune Triune and the other is the...?

3: - Malic Malic, a high priest in the Triune, uses undead warriors in his hunt for Uldyssian. What are they called?

4: A demoness, the sister of the Primus - Lucion Lucion, seduces Uldyssian in the book. What is her name?

5: What is the name of the only angel to appear in Birthright?


6: The Temple of the Triune worships three spirits that represent Creation, Determination and Love. What are the names of these deities?

7: - Astrogha Astrogha is a demon who first appears in Birthright. Which demon lord is his master?

8: Uldyssian is accused of a crime for which he is imprisoned in Birthright. What crime is this?

9: How does - Achilios Achilios die?

10: How does the encounter between Uldyssian and Lucion end?


11: What title marks the highest judicial officer of - Kehjan Kehjan?

12: What is the name of Uldyssian's youngest sister, and what was special about her?

13: What is the age difference between Uldyssian and Mendeln?

14: Malic is one of three high priests in the Triune. Who are the other two?

15: - Romus Romus is a criminal who eventually becomes one of Uldyssian's most stalwart followers. What happens to Romus the first time they meet?


16: How tall is - Mendeln Mendeln?


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