Blizzcon 2011 Hub

We will be giving full coverage over the 2011 Blizzcon. However, to keep everything in one easy place to reference, this thread will be used as a hub for all the articles and information released from Blizzcon.


Blizzcon Scheduled Coverage - A quick overview of DiabloFans' plan for coverage and schedule.
Opening Ceremony - Everything Diablo mentioned in the opening ceremony including CE info and a glimpse at the Black Soulstone cinematic.
Music and Sound Panel - Discussion on the making of the sounds of Diablo III.
Costume Contest - All of the Diablo themed costumes.
Gameplay and AH Panel - Coverage of the game mechanics covered in this panel.
Lore Panel - Discussion on the Lore behind Diablo III and the franchise.
Diablo Question and Answer Panel - Questions asked by users and answered by Blizzard.
Black Soulstone Cinematic Panel - Detailed explanation of the work behind creating the Black Soulstone cinematic.


Black Soulstone Cinematic
Gamplay Footage from 2011 Blizzcon
Interview with Jay Wilson by Sixen and Force


WoW & D3 Press/Fansite Interview

Full compilation of various interviews (Special thanks to doomscream)


Diablo III Collector's Edition
Diablo Wallpaper

If you find any info we have missed, please feel free to let us know so we can add it to the list.


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