BlizzCon 2011 Opening Ceremony

So, I'm sure many of you watched the BlizzCon 2011 opening ceremony. Since we're a Diablo fansite, I will focus on the relevant parts from a Diablo perspective. As a friendly reminder, if you're interested, you should check MMO-Champion for World of Warcraft coverage and SC2Mapster for Starcraft II coverage.

First the bad news. No, there was no release date announced.

However, we got probably the second best thing. During the opening ceremony we were shown what is the opening cinematic of Diablo III. Bits and pieces of the cinematic were shown in the original cinematic teaser released back in 2008. The cinematic has been slightly edited by removing some bits to preserve the freshness of the story for the release.

I doubt any amount of words can do it justice. Watch and re-watch it below to your heart's fullest delight.

We were also shown the Diablo III box art in all of its glory, and also the Collector's Edition box, seen below.

Click image to view in full size.

The contents of the Collector's Edition were also announced:

Click image to zoom.

  • DIII aesthetic items and other items for WoW and SCII. For Diablo III we'll get equippable wings, an exclusive banner and two exclusive dyes (whose effects remain unknown for now).
  • Behind the scenes DVD/BLU-RAY two disc set.
  • An artbook consisting of DIII artwork.
  • A soulstone-shaped USB-stick with DII loaded into it.
  • A soundtrack CD.

The major other Diablo III related topic that was touched during the opening ceremony is that Diablo III will be offered without additional cost to those that bind themselves into the new WoW 12-month subscription. Although I'm certain this is good news to those of you that enjoy WoW as well, the biggest news flash was without a shadow of the doubt that this means that Diablo III, just like WoW: Cataclysm, will be offered as a digital download, probably downloadable beforehand and playable instantly after midnight on the release date.

Stay tuned in for more Diablo III coverage.


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