Fresh Blood for the Wiki

DiabloFans has seen a veritable onslaught of new information in the last few weeks. The Friends & Family Beta start, leaked information, community site updates, skill calculators, live streams and then finally the start of the Closed Beta have all come. It has been very exciting, but for those few (read: 99.98%) who have in fact not gotten access to the beta, it's been less about the gameplay and more about what is actually in the game.

Wading through this information has partly been like hunting treasure, and partly like bleeding your eyes to death. And sometimes your ears. But since few find that fun, we're doing our best to consolidate the available information in the wiki.

What's New?
As some of you may have noticed, the main page of the wiki has had a lot of new stuff added to it lately. Perhaps you've browsed the main page and continued from there, or perhaps you've been directed there from elsewhere.

Most of this information is still very hard to get a good grip on. Try browsing through the item category and while pretty much every item in Diablo III is placed here, you're likely not going to get very much out of it unless you know exactly what you're looking for.

Similarly, we have around a thousand new images (and we're not done yet) that have yet to be placed in any specific categories, making it even worse to navigate.

Add to that the 3,000 affixes, hundreds of crafting recipes and, well, I think you get the point.

Sounds bad.
Indeed. Now that the information is in the wiki, it's time to structure it and make it more useful for everybody. A couple of these things have already been started, but there's much more to do. Here's a quick overview of what's been happening in the wiki recently.

The various skills (for instance the wizard skills) have all been added to the wiki. And fellow member Talkerst has dedicated a lot of time recently to updata all skill information in the wiki to make sure it's up to data as well as pleasing to the eye. You can see the results to far on the various class pages, such as the - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter. The discussion about these changes has been happening in the wiki forum.
The item data is currently being reworked into all kinds of lists for easy viewing (like - Chest Armor List Chest Armor List) but it doesn't stop there. Armor tier pages, set pages, crafting templates, lots of stuff has to be done in the item department. And you can help out with this if you want to! Head over to The item list thread and check it out. If you want to create one yourself, you can use the - Help:Item Help:Item page as a reference.

For stuff that isn't currently also available in one form or another on Blizzard's site, there's also a project started up to create area pages for all known places in the beta. You can see an idea of what's happening on the - New Tristram New Tristram page. So if you're in the beta, or know information from the beta, don't hesitate to create addditional pages similar to this one.

Well, this sounds positively intriguing!
I sure hope so, otherwise this article would have been a pretty big time waste that I could have spent doing more important stuff. Like sleeping.

But if it does sound interesting to you, then I urge you to hop over to the wiki forum and of course the wiki itself to take a peek at what needs doing and lend a hand where needed. You should also check the Portal" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Community Portal"/> Community Portal if you want to get updates on what's happening and what needs doing. This is a tumultuous but interesting time for us DiabloFans and the wiki, and it would be a shame for any of you to miss this opportunity in helping develop our community further. If you're interested, ask any of us sysops how to get started or look over the - Help Help page.

Happy editing :hammy:


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