DiabloCast: Episode XXVIII

This week, we want to know how you feel about Diablo III's randomization. We all know by now that there are certain parts of the game with no randomization. Things like the outlaying environment as well as certain areas in dungeons. However, this does not mean that there is no randomization in Diablo III. In fact, there is quite a bit of randomization in the game and there is even randomization with the randomized areas. With all of that said and from what you have seen and heard, how do you feel about the randomization in Diablo III.

In our previous poll we asked how you guys felt about Blizzard delaying the game until 2012. Half of the voters were upset by the delay but over 25% were okay waiting if it meant that the game was going to be fully polished.

With Closed Beta in full swing and Blizzcon coming within a month, we will be discussing further experiences of playing Diablo III as well as thoughts and ideas of the upcoming Blizzcon.


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