ActivisionBlizzard WebCast Analyst Day

Looks like the Cast just began, please note this is really just a business analytical type thing, it is not a Conference Call. If you'd like to listen in yourself, you may do so here. Otherwise, I'll update this post with anything relevant when the time comes. Mike Morhaime will be on the Cast later today (the cast is 3hrs and 45 minutes, >.>).

Feel free to join us in IRC to chit chat as well.

11:15 - Mike Morhaime said that Diablo 3 would be heading into Beta "later this month," with the slide showing "Beta in Sept '11). Other than that, they talked a little bit about the Auction House plans, SC2 (Blizz DotA will be a new game mode!), and Cataclysm. They also showed a Demon Hunter teaser video to the viewers physically there.

11:20 - Rob Pardo talks about the progression (from D1 -> D3) and the Auction House. This is the same presentation we saw at the Press Event in July.

11:30 - Pardo confirms that they will have a mobile/web interface for the AH post-release, as well as the ability to buy/sell characters.

11:45 - Pardo hands it off and Blizzard is done speaking.

11:55 - Thomas Tippl (COO and CFO of ActiBlizz) confirms that there will be a D3 Expansion within 3 years after the release of D3 itself, two SC2 expansions (which we already knew), and two more WoW expansions.


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