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UPDATE 3: Just so everyone is aware, Sixen and myself have also been invited into the beta when it starts. We will be giving you guys daily coverage of the beta.

I still want to warn everyone that these invites are still for press and fan sites only right now. If you get an e-mail saying you have been invited into the beta, do not give them any passwords and do not click on any links.

: Recently, some major press sites have received e-mails from Blizzard, These are just collecting information (their accounts) so they can be added to the Beta when it goes live. So unless you run a major press site or fansite, you need not worry about this. And no, this does not mean the Beta is starting now, just that it's starting soon! SC2 Press/Fansite invitations went out ~3-4 weeks prior to the start of the SC2 Beta. So... We've got a few weeks!

UPDATE: Richard has clarified that the e-mail only accessed for his account info so when beta starts, he can be included in it.
To clarify, no date for D3 beta yet. Per email: (from known Blizz source), "send us your Bnet account name and we'll flag for access.

While I can not deny nor confirm the legitimacy of this tweet, I promise you that DiabloFans is hard at work trying to get factual information on the subject.

Until then, I would like to take this time to give you guys some basic information and warnings about beta and invite e-mails.

1. IF beta invites are going out, this does not mean that beta has started. Blizzard often sets up their first wave before launching the beta. It is possible that IF beta is being handed out, it may still not start for a week or two.

2. If you believe you got an invite into beta ever, please do not click on any links within the e-mail and certainly do not give any info back in the e-mail. If you are selected into beta via e-mail, Blizzard will have already permitted your account to download the beta client through your account. If you believe you were invited into the beta, you should close the e-mail and log into your account. If the game is not there, then you have not actually been selected.

I would also like to take this time to let you guys know that DiabloFans Has a full schedule for beta coverage once the beta does go live. We will be posting daily updates covering all aspects of the beta (with spoilers tagged and included ;)). We will also be collaborating with force to include video footage daily of beta coverage. The wiki team will also be hard at work getting in as much information as possible.

If you are one of the lucky ones to get into beta, DiabloFans would like your help. How can you help? Glad I asked. First, we have a blog section on the forums. We would appreciate if anyone in beta would like to keep a blog of their current adventures in Sanctuary. I will then post a recap of said blogs on the front page. The wiki team could also use your help. Please feel free to help build the wiki with the data you collect. You can also post any information in the wiki forums if you are unfamiliar with how to work on the wiki.

We will keep you guys updated about any more beta news as soon as we can get something concrete. Until then:


I woke up this morning with a glimmer of hope. It appears as if Beta may be starting Soon™. Supposedly, Richard Brown, Senior Editor at CNET has received an E-mail inviting him into the beta.

Quote from @richbcnet »

Diablo 3 beta invite just showed up. Any cardio routines out there that target your index finger?


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