New Diablo 3 Community Site Online

It seems as if Blizzard has just opened up the D3 Beta Community Website (EU version) for business! This community site and forum will be used for any/all future information regarding Diablo3, as opposed to the outdated site we've currently been following. In order to post on these forums, you must have an active WoW subscription or a Starcraft II license on your account. Once the Beta is released, having a Beta license will also grant you access to these forums. If you do not have an active WoW subscription, or SC2, and end up not getting into the D3 Beta, you can continue posting on the Legacy Forums. While this isn't a huge announcement, it's still something to be happy about, as it seems like we are getting closer and closer to the September Beta announcement.

Also keep in mind, the new community site is live for all regions, so just look at the bottom of the new community site to change your region, if you're from the EU, etc.


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