Inferno Revealed

At gamescom, Blizzard has finally revealed their plans for end game in - Diablo III Diablo III. Called - Inferno Inferno, we first got a hint about this in the beta interview where it was said that players would have more difficulties to face in the "Hell and Inferno" difficulties. While at the time we did not know exactly what inferno was, we do now.

Inferno will be a fourth and even harder difficulty that unlocks after beating the game through the Hell difficulty and getting your character to level 60. Designed as an end game objective for players, monsters faced in this difficulty will all be at least level 61. Designed with more HP, damage, resistances, and more aggressive AI, the monsters pose to face players with the most difficult challenge of the game. Along with this, some monsters and bosses will even have extra skills at their disposal that you will only see in Inferno.

The objective of the Inferno difficulty is to give players something to do once capped but would avoid running the same bosses over and over again like the Baal runs of Diablo II. The entire game will plateau in this difficulty meaning that there will be no one particular place that would be best to farm for items. Blizzard is hoping that this will give the players an incentive to repeat the entire content of the game while looking for the best items and not just one section repeatedly. Even if players find a particular area that maximizes results for their efforts, Blizzard said they will add incentives to run through the entire content.

Official Blizzard Quote:

The idea was that we wanted a difficulty mode where the entire game was viable. So you don't have to pick and choose key areas [to replay].

We do expect there to be a certain amount of... runs to get items, but we wanted players to do it over a lot more content. We're trying to make sure that there's a lot more opportunities for players to see a lot more variety.
Now for the incentive to put yourself through this challenge of Inferno. Blizzard has said that only the best of the best gear will drop in Inferno. Both statistically and visually, if players want to find the best gear for their characters, they will have to make their way through Inferno multiple times. Along with armor and weapons, other high-end items like top ranked - runestones runestones will only drop in Inferno.

With end game finally revealed, and Beta beginning in a "little while" what else could gamescom hold in store for Diablo III. Stay tuned on Saturday when Diablo's two performances and interview are being held for some more possible news.

There was also 14 new screen shots that were shown as well that you can find on our wiki.

You can also check out force's video covering this news as well.

And in case you did miss it:

Official Blizzard Quote:

As a side note, any rumors you may have heard about a gate to Diablo’s Burning Hells opening in Cologne are completely unfounded. Seriously, nothing is happening at Rudolfplatz from the evening of August 16 — especially nothing to do with demonic invasions.
It turns out that Diablo, himself (herself?) did indeed open the gates of Hell at Rudlofplatz on the 16th.

A special thanks to Lorgarn for sharing the pictures and evilenginen9 for informing on the Inferno news and hicksology for starting the discussion on the topic.


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