DiabloCast: Episode XX - Give Me Options or Give Me DEATH!

I know, this is a bit shady, but I figure why not post the Poll and this weeks' DiabloCast all in one thread, right? We've been jam packed with news lately (and I think you know why), so I didn't see any point in bumping another newspost! That in mind, this week, we want to know which variation of the AH will you prefer to use?
  • Real Money AH
  • Gold-based AH
  • Will use both
  • Won't use the AH at all

If you need more information on the Auction House System, you can check out PhrozenDragon's recent post. In last weeks' poll, we wanted to know what you all thought about Cooldowns, and it seems like the majority of you trust Blizzard's judgement with the 2-minute CD, as a whopping 45% of the votes went to it (with 1-minute coming in second, with 30% of the vote).

And this time around in the DiabloCast, we were allowed to talk about the Press Event! That in mind, we some pretty awesome PvP discussion (sorry!), as well as some talk on the new Rune and Skill systems, and what we expect from the Beta. If you missed the nineteenth episode, you can check it out here. Otherwise, the twentieth episode covered the following topics:

If you've missed any previous episodes, check the archive!


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