It Ends with Diablo

Many have speculated on who we will be fighting in Diablo III. It has already been said that a large part of the story revolves around two demons and their impending invasion on Sanctuary. We later found out that these two demons are in fact - Belial Belial and - Azmodan Azmodan. We even got news that Belial will be in Act II of the game. However, this left a lot of room of who exactly are the end Act bosses and who we will be fighting throughout the game.

On G4TV's X-Play today, Adam Sessler had an interview with Rob Pardo, Executive Vice-President at Blizzard, who gave some information out about Diablo III. Most of the information he talked about was stuff that we learned about at the press event that Sixen and Force went to. While most of the information is stuff that we already knew, including no release date for beta yet, he did add one little extra bit that gives us a clue on this game.

Official Blizzard Quote:

We do have a full playable Alpha state. So, everyone inside the company can play all the way through and kill Diablo.

That's right. Whether he meant to or not, Rob Pardo told us that Big D himself, Diablo, will be the climax of the game. So, it is more than likely that we will be battling Azmodan and Belial before hand and finishing our journey with yet one more epic battle against the Lord of Terror. Just what shape he comes in and how they explain his return is still up in the air, but Diablo III will not be without Diablo.

On a side note of this information, we also know that Blizzard is planning at least a couple expansions for Diablo III so where will the story go from here if Diablo is once again destroyed?

Special thanks to chemedeiros for the source and direct word for word quote.


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