Activision/Blizzard's August Financial Conference Call

Live Diablocast is Now Over!

The Recap
The conference concluded with Mike Morhaime's words that they're aiming for beta sometime in the third quarter. With the third quarter concluding with September, that means that, likely at the latest, we can expect beta to begin within a little over a month and a half. Unfortunately, no firm date for beta or release was announced. The team is still planning on a game release before the end of this year.

Conference Call Timeline
2:09 PST: Beta further confirmed for third quarter, and Mike restated team desire to release before end of the year.
2:07 PST: Mike Morhaime began talking about the Auction House feature, specifying safety and security as a reason for implementation.
1:38 PST: Beta confirmed for third quarter. More may be coming later.
1:33 PST: The conference call has finally started. Stay tuned to the Diablocast for all the latest!

The Buildup
Today is Activision/Blizzard's August Conference Call. We here at DiabloFans will be having live coverage of the event. We will be reporting any and all Diablo news released during this call to you guys. Force, Sixen. and myself (scyberdragon) will be holding a live podcast of the coverage starting at 1:00pm PST dicussing the latest Diablo news as well as listening in on the financial conference call for any new news. You can check the live cast from DiabloFans on Facebook, Force Strategy on Facebook, or the DiabloFans IRC Channel.

If the live feed is too awesome for you, I will also be posting any updates right here in this thread. The OP will be continuously updated with any news we get concerning Diablo. While it is unknown exactly what news we will be getting, it is more than likely we will have an update on when they expect the beta to begin.

If you missed the Live Stream, you can watch the recording below. We took a question or two, talked about our recent press trip, as well as our opinions on the major changes, switched to the Conference Call when they began talking about Blizzard's goals for Q3, and then had a small discussion before bringing it to a close.


Special thanks to magistrate for keeping everyone updated to the minute


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