ALTernate Styles of Looting

With the recent new information about the several options we'll have when picking up items, it brings up potentially different styles of play. You may wonder what hitting the ALT key has to do with how you play and the answer to this is very simple. Some of you may want to pick up gear while fighting, others may want to complete an epic battle and check the loot afterward. With the various options, both styles are possible, as well as a slew of others. In fact, if Blizzard adds the /nopickup option, there can be "naked" challenges, such as playing through the game while not picking up any items at all. We want to know, which ALT option do you plan on using?

Diablo III Default: The default option is that names will show for 10 seconds when the item drops, and then the name fades out. You can hit Alt again to show them for another 10 seconds.

Classic Functionality: You can also forego showing item names automatically when they drop and choose to just use Alt to show item names while it's held down.

Reverse-Classic Functionality: You can also choose to always show item names, and hold Alt to hide them. (I'm not sure how useful this is, but it's there)

Toggle: There's also an option to make Alt toggle showing item names on/off.

No-Pickup: We're also looking to bring back the /nopickup option from Diablo II, but it's currently a nice-to-have feature and so may not make initial release.

In our previous poll, we wanted to know what you thought on item selling. Over 50% of you voted to have no item stores, while over a quarter of you also voted to sell Vanity items. A vanity item-only store is a common thing amongst games in this day and age.


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