Diablo III's Collector's Edition

Although Diablo III's release is still up in there air, one thing we know that will be available is a collector's edition. Blizzard has released a collector's edition of their games for most of their titles. With these editions, there are a slew of extra goodies you get for the slightly increased price tag, $99.99 for Starcraft 2 and $79.99 for Cataclysm (an expansion). While there is no way to know for sure what exactly will be included in Diablo's package, we can look back at the most recent blizzard releases to get an idea of what will be included.

Within the last year, both Starcraft II and WoW: Cataclysm have been released and collector's edition of both games have been available. Both versions have included some of the same extras as well as a few special items to that franchise. Because of this, there is some assumptions we can make on what will be included with the Diablo version.

Art Book: Both versions included a 176 page art book with never-before-seen images. Ranging from the earliest concept arts to full-rendered 3-D images. They offer an exclusive look into the artists and their work in the development of these games. Diablo III will be no different as there are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of artwork that we only got a glimpse into with the Facebook like promotion.

Soundtrack: There is also a high chance of an exclusive soundtrack being included like it has been for the last two games released. The Diablo series has had a past of excellent music from the canon Tristram music to the horrifying sounds of Hell. Diablo III will surely include a soundtrack as well with the collector's edition.

Behind-the-Scenes Look DVD: The next item on the list will be a behind-the-scenes look in the making of and development of the game. Again, both Starcraft II and Cataclysm included this DVD in their collector's edition and will most likely be found in the Diablo version as well. And with a 3+ year development, this DVD will definitely be interesting to watch.

Blizzard In-Game Exclusives: While not the exact same in its product, both of the previous versions included some exclusive in-game items for the other Blizzard franchises. Both included a WoW non-combat pet, Lil' Deathwing and Hammer of the Gods. Both games also offered exclusive Battle.net content like special avatars that resembled creatures of different games. Diablo, will probably be no different. While we have already seen Murkablo, there is likely to be another non-combat pet for WoW. There is also the new Battle.net 2.0 that Diablo III will be using and exclusive avatars for that are likely to be incorporated as well to show others you have the collector's edition.

Extra Merchandise: Here is where the two previous titles differ but while the merchandise is different, these little extras are sure to come as well. With SC2, purchasers got an exclusive Starcraft Comic as well as a Jim Raynor dog tag, a 2GB USB drive that included the orignal Starcraft and Brood War. The Cataclysm version included a WoW mouse pad as well as some packs of WoW TCG cards. With Diablo, the ideas are limitless but looking at these examples, it is possible we may get something similar.

With all of that in mind, are you looking to buy the collector's edition and if so, what are you looking forward to the most?

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