SteelSeries Diablo Gear

Earlier today, Blizzard informed us of the new Diablo-related material that SteelSeries has planned.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo: Looks like @SteelSeries announced their Diablo III mouse and headset earlier today, and like Diablo III: No release date.

As you can see, they are currently only looking at a Mouse and a Headset to go along with their 2 previous mousepads (Witch Doctor and Barbarian), with no sign of a D3 Keyboard this time around. The Mouse sports an ambidextrous style, so it can be used by both lefties and righties, as well as some other cool features, like 7 programmable buttons, a CPI switch (Counts Per Inch), a plusating D3 logo, and better life support than any other mouse. They haven't set a price for the Mouse, but the recent WoW: Cataclysm mouse they released is currently going for $100. The Headset, on the other hand, also sports that same Demonic Red coloring and illumination, but also has an equalizer, a built-in microphone, and noise reduction abilities. Like the Mouse (and Diablo 3, as Bashiok so bluntly stated), the Headset has no current price or release date, but I'm going to guess that the Headset will go for something around $80.

These items are a must have for any hardcore Diablo fan, or anyone looking for some cool Diablo-related gear to game with.


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