BlizzCon Ticket Prices

When Blizzard started hosting their annual BlizzCon in 2005, the ticket price was $100, where it remained until 2009. That year, Blizzard increased the price to $125, and every year since then the price has increased, to $150 in 2010, and now $175 in 2011. However, despite these increasing prices, Blizzard still apparently takes a loss in order to host BlizzCon, and all available tickets get sold within a few moments.

As we all know, all of the information announced at BlizzCon quickly becomes available online. However, for the ticket price, along with travel and hotel expenses, attendees are allowed exclusive access to upcoming game demos and are able to attend tournaments and panels on Blizzard's games that occur during the convention. During the event, attendees are also given a goodie bag, which, at recent BlizzCons, has contained everything from beta keys to WoW pets and more. Obviously, whether or not all of those perks are worth $175 is up to you, so do what do you think about BlizzCon ticket prices? Are they overpriced by a lot? Only a little? Do you think they're reasonable? Vote in the poll above and discuss your opinion in the topic below.

During last week's poll, most people voted that the beta would start in July (the earliest possible option), followed closely by August, and the popularity of each option was less and less popular. If you would still like to discuss the beta and its start date, or just want to contribute to the vote, head over to the poll through the link above.


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