New Force PvP Video and Contest

Those of you curious as to how PvP looks and works in-game can check out Force's commentary over the footage from last years' BlizzCon. You can all consider this a preview of things to come, once the Beta hits, Force and the rest of the DiabloFans team will be working together on a lot of cool things such as this.

Also worth mentioning is the Special Edition T-Shirt Force is doing over the next couple of weeks, so go ahead and try to win one for yourself!

While we're at it, the fourth episode of Machinima's Blizzard Entertainment series is up for those of you who want to see it. There's about 2 minutes in the beginning about the Lord of Destruction expansion, otherwise the rest of it is War3, SC:Ghost, and WoW. Episode 5 of the series should be out on Monday and follows Blizzard through the second half of the last decade.


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