Seventh Batch of Screenshots and Art

Blizzard has just released their seventh batch of screenshots (see here if you missed the sixth) for hitting the 700k 'Like' mark. Once again, we've got the high resolution versions at our disposal here on DiabloFans.

Click the images to bask in the glory of the high resolution versions that you likely won't see anywhere else!

The first image is a concept drawing of the - Tomb Viper Tomb Viper. While we have seen this picture before, this is a very high resolution version of the art piece. The tomb vipers have been shown to appear in Act II during the Monk's game play footage. The tomb vipers we've seen in game play videos so far have had the distinguishing feature that they're nigh invisible (a faint cloud of dust) until close to the player.

The second picture is a screenshot from the - Arena Arena. We can see the Red team composed of a - Barbarian Barbarian and - Wizard Wizard are in hot pursuit of the Blue team. Not to take this beating lying down, the - Barbarian Barbarian on the other team is chasing down the foe attacking his - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor team mate who has unleashed his Bomb" class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Fire Bomb"/> Fire Bomb.

25,000 more likes to go until the 725k mark where we can get some more images, and 12 more milestones until we hit the 1 million 'Like' goal. Go visit and 'Like' the page to speed the war effort!


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