Rune Swapping Restrictions Poll

As you may know," class="wiki-link">" alt=" - Runes"/> Runes in - Diablo III Diablo III will function completely differently than in - Diablo II Diablo II. They will be socketed into skills to change their functionality in a variety of ways, and as such there will have to be some way to switch what rune you have socketed in a skill. Despite the importance of this aspect, we know very little information as to how rune swapping will work. Fortunately, a few weeks ago, @Diablo gave us a small hint as to how this aspect of gameplay will work, which made it clear that there will be some form of restriction on when and where you can change runes. Do you agree with this restriction? And if you do, what kind of restriction do you think the Diablo III team should put in place? Feel free to discuss your opinions in the topic below. If you are unclear on the specifics about runes there is a short summary below, and additional information, including videos of rune effects, can be found in the wiki link above.

Runes are divided into five types, Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden, and Alabaster. Each rune type will consist of seven different ranks, the first three of which, stone runes, can be found in Normal difficulty, the next two, silver, can be found in Nightmare, and the final two, golden, can be found in Hell. Runes are found through drops and can also be provided and upgraded by the Mystic - Artisan Artisan.

Last week's poll resulted in a resounding victory for the male - Barbarian Barbarian, followed by the male - Monk Monk. The only female character to beat out her male counterpart was the female - Wizard Wizard, although the female - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter is currently tied with her male version. It should be noted that the female Barbarian received almost no votes, and if the male's votes were divided by two, the results would have been much closer, although the Barbarian did still receive the most overall votes. It appears people here on DiabloFans enjoy a classic.


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