Fifth Batch of Screenshots and Art

Blizzard has just released their fifth batch of screenshots (see here if you missed the fourth) for hitting the 650k 'Like' mark. Once again, we've got the high resolution versions at our disposal here on DiabloFans.

Click the images to bask in the glory of the high resolution versions that you likely won't see anywhere else!

The first image we have here looks like a concept of the thief from the BlizzCon builds (called the - Treasure Seeker Treasure Seeker, by Vic Lee). Seems this way from the obvious bag on his back with all kinds of items. He randomly and rarely appears in dungeons, and he drops progressively better loot with each blow you land on him, so don't let him get away if you get the chance to run into him!

The second screenshot depicts the - Monk Monk towards the end of a battle with - the Fallen Ones the Fallen Ones and their hounds, in the - Stinging Winds Stinging Winds area of Act II. From the setup of this shot, it looks like it takes place after the screenshot from the second batch.

25,000 more likes to go until the 675k mark where we can get some more images, and 14 more milestones until we hit the 1 million 'Like' goal. Go visit and 'Like' the page to speed the war effort!


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