Fourth Batch of Screenshots and Art

Blizzard has just released their fourth batch of screenshots (see here if you missed the third) for hitting the 625k 'Like' mark. Once again, we've got the high resolution versions at our disposal here on DiabloFans.

Click the images to bask in the glory of the high resolution versions that you likely won't see anywhere else!

The first image we have here is a rendered image of the - Tristram Cathedral Tristram Cathedral and looks beautiful... Though something I want to point out, back in Diablo I, there was a fence on the right side of the Cathedral just past the graveyard... It now looks like it's open and that trail leads to another city/town... I wonder where that could be heading to?

The second screenshot depicts the - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor firing his Poison Dart skill against some - Walking Corpse Walking Corpses and what looks to be an - Unburied Unburied. You can also see a Zombie Dog heading up into the fray.

25,000 more likes to go until the 650k mark where we can get some more images, and 15 more milestones until we hit the 1 million 'Like' goal. Go visit and 'Like' the page to speed the war effort!


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