Wizard Looks Good in New Item Set

Again a little late with the update but nonetheless it is here. This new item set for the male wizard is a hot one made of cloth and metal. This looks to me like a middle-tier one just because it has metal in it.


Official Blizzard Quote:

I think it looks sweet.

I understand the scrutiny of these things, like, what else are you supposed to do? And we're showing them off like this so we totally expect it. I sort of wish we had also included shots of what they actually look like in-game though, because there's literally no time where you'll be looking at a character head-on like this at such a close distance. (although likely in a character selection screen which doesn't exist yet...)

All development is done for game-cam. We play to game-cam, because that's what you're going to see things from. We could have a ton of varying circlets with different jewel arrangements. We could do a head piece that's a sort of small cap, or a dozen different types of small caps. But it would most likely be be wasted effort as you'd never be able to tell what they were. So there tends to be fewer, but bolder colors. There tends to be more pronounced sections of the armor, and a bit less minute detail. The sets also tend to be very bold and have a unique look, but (and maybe most importantly) maintain a coherent silhouette and look throughout all the items. The wizard in particular tends to have larger headdresses.

I also saw that fan edit of the female witch doctor, and it was pretty cool. Kudos to that guy for some nice shop'in. In my personal opinion I think that it was a bit too busy, a lot of that's going to be lost and just make the character look messy from a distance. It's also a bit too much. Remember these are very early sets. You get too crazy early on and you're making the later items not look as awesome.

(sort of): It was announced yesterday that these armor sets are going to be the armors used in the demo at this year's Blizzcon so we will get to see what these things look like in actual gameplay.


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