Iron Maiden

Well, it's Thursday and as promised, Blizzard revealed the female Barbarian in a new set of armor. While it is unknown at this time what type of armor it is, by the coloring it looks like leather armor. Beefier than the female Wizard's outfit, this femme fatale still boasts her womanly prowess. Notice how even though this is probably a lighter armor than the Wizard's, the female Barbarian looks more armored. Keeping in line with the fact that each armor will cater to each character's persona.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Our third (of six) armor preview continues with a behind-the-scenes look at the female barbarian. She stands ready to crush her enemies, see them driven before her, and hear the lamentation of their men. Enjoy! We'll be back next Tuesday with a preview of gear on the female witch doctor.


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