Uncle Sixen Wants YOU!

Over the last few months, the slow trickle of Diablo related news, and new users has allowed us to effectively police the forums, report on findings, and update the wiki with a small, yet dedicated group of voluntary staff members. However, with BlizzCon right around the corner, and the massive influx of news, members, and wiki updates it will bring, we here at DiabloFans think it's the right time to look to you, the members, to help us.

We are currently looking for users to fill the voluntary positions of...

Moderator: We will expect you to be a mature individual, able to keep yourself unbiased in the forums. You will be looked upon to police the forums, lock threads when the need arises, and dole out infractions for those who deserve them. If you want to apply for a Moderator Staff position, PM Sixen just a short explanation as to why you believe you would make a good Moderator. Be sure to include an estimate how many hours/week (or day) you spend on the website. We need active users to be Moderators, ;).

News Reporter: Must be able to write clearly and get across information while provoking thought and opinion, work well in collaborative writing, research, and critiquing efforts, and be (or become) an active member of the DiabloFans community. If you want to apply for a News Staff position, PM Magistrate a sample newpost on any Diablo-related topic. Could be past, present, or future news... Write about anything Diablo!

Wiki Sysop: A sysop will have to understand how wiki editing is done or be willing to learn how to use it. It's not hard, and the current sysops will help out with the learning process. A sysop must also add content to the wiki on a regular basis and offer opinions and constructive criticism in discussions regarding future wiki design decisions and other wiki-related matters. If you want to apply for a Wiki Staff position, PM PhrozenDragon and show him your interest. If applicable, include any past Wiki work you may have done, or any previous programming language experience. Experience is most certainly not required, but it is nice to include.


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