Create a Monster Contest Results

The results of our Create a Monster Contest are in and the winners are very clear. We would like to give a big thanks to everyone who participated, the contest turned out really well. We'll definitely be doing more of these in the future here on DiabloFans, :). The following three users each placed in the top 3 of each category: ArtOfTy, Hyralism, Umpa65. Here are the category winners, specifically:

The winning submission in each category can be seen below. You can also view the rest of the submissions in the contest submission thread.

Art: ArtofTy - Iris (Fallen Necromancer)

Mechanics: Hyralism - Xiansai Wraith

Lore: Umpa65 - Sonneillon Hatred's Left Hand
After Mephisto was bested by the heroes of sanctuary his ethereal form returned once again to hell. Upon realizing that chaos was ensuing between man, demon, and angel, Mephisto decided it desirable to escape back to the mortal plain once the Worldstone was destroyed by the hands of Tyrael. He needed to once more formulate a plan to regain power. His last attempt had been too bold making him a clear target not only for angels but for mortals as well.

Once during the SinWar he had formed an organization of followers in the guise of a religious sect. Once more the temple of Mephis would rise.

This time however, his followers wouldn't be of the average type. This time, the Lord of Hatred sought to manipulate those with formidable power...The Vizjeri.

Mephisto guised himself as a sorcerer of light. A prophet of magik, if you will. He approached the Vizjeri and spoke of a time when the Vizjeri were to finally hone into far greater power than ever imagined. Giving them reigning dominion over Sanctuary. However, the wizards were no fools. They could not be so easily convinced of such a foolish tale. Mephisto in turn demonstrated his strength in a grand and horrifying display of carnage upon a village. Wherein he slaughtered more than 100 villagers within an instant. The Vizjeri knew this to be a force they should not attempt to conquer. However, Mephisto played with their hearts instilling and manifesting dormant emotions of greed and hatred. The wizards knew of the legendary Bartuc and the power he wielded. After the prophet's display, the Vizjeri agreed.

The prophet taught the Vizjeri what they thought to be powerful spells and incantations that they could use. Except, the prophet littered the spells with runes of possession. In time the Vizjeri had become nothing but mindless vessels in which Mephisto could use to evocate more evil magik.

Mephisto summoned his commander of hell to possess the body of the most talented Vizjeri. Thus began the terrifying and despicable existence of Sonneillon, Hatred's Left Hand.


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