Tweet for 2012?

TWITTER: Blizzard updated its Twitter news feed recently with a tidbit that may enliven release date speculation once more. Wonderfully ambiguous and marginally sarcastic, it may, ironically, be the most solid declaration from any Blizzard representative we have for the release of Diablo III:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Link or it didn't happen. Also, who said Diablo III was coming out in 2011? ;)

Could this be Blizzard slyly knocking off a 2011 release in favor of a later one? The latest vague hints at development status would suggest the Diablo III team is keeping a steady pace, but perhaps Blizzard will come around and surprise us all by announcing a winter 2010 sale! (Doesn't hurt to hope, does it?)

Take it for what you will, we hope it brightens your otherwise news-less weekend. Thanks goes out to Dauroth and our fantastic Twitter Tracker.


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