Create a Monster Contest

Starting today, we'll be holding a Monster contest with three different categories. To participate, you can post a submissions to one category, or all three. You are not required to participate in all three categories, but you can if you want to. It's very straight forward, design your own monster!

Draw what your monster looks like. You can use any tools to draw your monster that you'd like. Photoshop, Pencil & Paper (& Scanner), anything. With this, submit your picture and a name for your monster, as well as a description if you feel it necessary.

Give your monster a back story. How and when was your monster born/created? Where did they come from? How old are they? What's happened over their life? How did they get to where they are currently?

How does the monster move, attack, die. What skills do they have? Any immunities? Special powers? Implement your monster into the game (any game in the series), talk about how they'd work in regards to game balance, what their purpose in the game would be, etc. Your best bet here would be to look at a monster wiki article and check out the different fields of data that go into monster development.

1. One entry per category.
2. You do not have to enter every category
3. Winners chosen by the Staff. If a Staff member chooses to participate in the contest, s/he will not be eligible to be in the judging.
4. There will be a first, second, and third place winner for each category.

This newspost will be strictly for talking about the contest itself. Entries can be posted in the Submission thread here. The first reply in that thread will also be an example submission.

You will have one month to do this, the deadline is August 25th, Midnight PST.

First place: D3 T-Shirt, Special Custom User Title (depending on the category), One year Curse Premium
Second place: 6-month Curse Premium
Third place: 3-month Curse Premium

Everyone else who participates will receive a one month Curse Premium.


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