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Starting back in April, I began asking for DiabloFans' favorite class from Diablo III. The first round began with a match up between the mysterious DiabloWiki.com - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor and the fast-paced DiabloWiki.com - Monk Monk. The poll was open for a week with the end result being a 33-25 vote in favor for the Witch Doctor. The next round followed with the more stereotypical RPG classes between the Mystical DiabloWiki.com - Wizard Wizard and the Stoic DiabloWiki.com - Barbarian Barbarian. In the closest vote, the end result was extended to allow one final tie-breaking vote. Many held their breath as the final vote came in. The Wizard triumphed the Barbarian by a narrow margin of 27-26. This lead us to our third round with a melee battle against the Monk and the Barbarian. Speed and martial arts versus strength and durability was the deciding factors. By the end of the poll the results concluded in a 27-21 win for the Barbarian. With the melee battle decided, it was time to fight magic with magic in round four with the Wizard and the Witch Doctor. Old school magic versus the summoning/zombie magic proved which we prefer. The Wizard won with another close vote of 22-21. The final vote was to determine where the two classes in the middle landed in our favorites. The Witch Doctor and the Barbarian went at with an overwhelming win for the Barbarian.

And so, without any further hesitation, I present to you DiabloFans' favorite classes (in particular order):

1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: 4th Place:

Expect these votes to re-open once the fifth and final class is announced. If you are unhappy with the results, then make sure to vote and have your voice be heard in the next vote. Thanks to all of you who helped make this decision.


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