Skill Caps Increase by Game Difficulty

We got some new information (possibly) about how the skill system is working. From the last we knew, each skill had a cap of five. Although the system itself has gone through some iteration, mainly getting rid of the tree type system, it seems as though the cap of five still exists. However, the skill caps raise depending on what level of difficulty your character has reached.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Did we not already talk about that? Think we did. Like the cap raises another five every difficulty level? So when you reach hell difficulty the caps would be at 15? No? Did we not say that at the last BlizzCon? Think we did.
This is an interesting concept to think about. The best issue that arises form this is the possibility that each skill remains useful regardless of how high of a level your character achieves. Capping all skills at five and then increasing it on the next difficulty helps control certain spells from becoming to overpowered to quickly because you will not be able to max it out right away. Blizzard has boasted that they want to avoid useless skills and skills that you put points into just to obtain different skills. By allowing people to improve all skills when they reach a new difficulty allows people to continue increasing the power of any and all skills as they level.

We also got some information on what Blizzard will be talking about at Blizzcon. It appears that the unique resource system for each character is still being ironed out but Bashiok commented that more information about each system will be talked about at this year's Blizzcon. For more information about what will be covered at Blizzcon and some more answers from Bashiok check out Airandius thread about Core Issues.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Fury is going through some further iteration. The orb system wasn't really working out like we had hoped and was creating some roadblocks. The other resource systems, nothing really to share. The wizard instability is reworked as well. More about all those at BlizzCon.

What potential benefits and problems do you see with skill caps raising with difficulty?


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