Sleeker Item Design in the Wiki

It's been a long time since there was a wiki news update here on the front page. Too long in fact, especially given how much has actually happened over there in the last few weeks.

You all know of the Portal Update we had some time ago (and even if you didn't catch that news post, you cannot have avoided the new design of the wiki if you've visited it during the last few weeks), but since then we've done some more content-related changes. Especially to items.


The left picture is the new design, while the right is the old. The new template uses a sleeker design that better represents how items appear in-game. And, just like with the last update, I myself once made the old crappy look, and Huck is the main designer of the new one :thumbsup:

For some additional examples of how the change looks, check these pages out:

(Naturally there are also similar changes done to the Median part of the wiki by zhuge, while kickin has been whacking away at the regular Diablo items with me).

The new design also allows anyone to easily include any item on their guide pages without having to edit any item stats or looking for templates. All one needs to do is add the item name inside {{X (Diablo II)}} (where X is the item) and it's done.

More things are happening in the wiki every day though. We'll soon start to rework the monster pages, and there'll be an update on that in the wiki forum, so check that out if you're interested in helping out in the near future ;)


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