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Paying to bring back a fallen hardcore character was something I read someone here post once, and I simply repeated it to say I thought it was an interesting idea. I'm not a designer. Things I find interesting doesn't mean they're being implemented. I have though heard Jay (who is lead designer) say that paying to bring back hardcore is pretty much a horrible idea.
As we went over back in July of last year, many players were worried when the mention of microservices for real money was mentioned to be added to Diablo III. Perhaps the biggest concern was Bashiok's reply to being able to resurrect a Hardcore character for a small fee. Many Hardcore players felt that Diablo III may become too easy and catered towards a less experienced audience. Some believe that adding a way to resurrect a dead hardcore character entirely defeats the purpose and spirit of hardcore play. If microservices of this nature were implemented, no one would have to worry about being killed, so long as money is at hand. Whichever players have the most cash would likely be top hardcore players, bringing the game back to Diablo II, where riches often triumph over work. Well fear no more. Bashiok has posted again and stated that his mention of Hardcore resurrections was merely just a thought of his. He went on to mention that Jay Wilson, lead designer for Diablo III, is definitely against this idea. Only hard work and mad skillz will help you defeat the minions of Hell, Hardcore style.

With the idea of microservices mentioned, there are a lot of possibilities out there. Many free games use this style of microservices as a means to gain revenue. They offer players the option to buy gear, skills, and new areas for real money. Blizzard has only used these services, thus far, for minor server related issues such as name changes and server transfers. However, with a possible free MMO from Blizzard on the horizon, it is possible that they will be using their new system to test out some mocroservices with Diablo III? How do you feel about Diablo III having microservices? What microservices do you hope to see and more importantly, hope never appear?


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