The Lighter Side - Chocolate and Grammar

Bashiok has rampaged through the forums recently adding his trademark replies consisting of sarcasm, obscurity, and incoherence. To begin with is a wish of Bashiok's.

Official Blizzard Quote:

An idea I always liked is a race car made of chocolate cake, but it just ain't gonna happen, man.

A race car made out of chocolate cake would be a sight to see. Imagine watching a race and rather than giving a competitive bump to the other driver, they take a bite out of his car. Perhaps this could help the drivers on the races that last for hours. No need for a pit stop when you can just snack on your own car. And let's not forget that this cake car would go down perfectly with the milk drank from the winner at the Daytona 500.Okay, so maybe we will never get a race car made out of chocolate cake, but what other oddities would you like to see? Perhaps the proverbial Golden Toilet or just a sweater made out of tears.

Bashiok continued his terror of replies with a grammar lesson to a forum user.
Quote from "Dr.eddie" »

Can we expect to see the new class before BlizzCon??

Official Blizzard Quote:

I don't know... CAN YOU!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA... oh man... thank you, thank you... thanks, thank you.
As we are all forum users here, we know the inconsistency of proper grammar usage on the internet. The aforementioned user made the common mistake of using the word "can" instead of the word "may". When using "can", in this context, the word means the ability to do something. Therefore the user asked Bashiok if he was able to expect to see the new class. The most annoying part of this is that had the user merely switched out the word "can" with "may", we could have gotten a date for the release of the fifth class. What annoying grammar mistakes tear at the heart of your soul?


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