April Fooled

With April Fools officially over, it is time for the a round up of all the jokes Blizzard released upon the world.


Diablo fans were treated to a Diablo III Deckard Cain X-Treme Gamer Blanket. Used to help keep players from "ice lock", the blanket offered strategically placed holes for your arms and head. Made from fleece-like material, the blanket also included soft scrolls and a replica of Deckard Cain's personal tomb. In case this snuggable blanket was not enough, Blizzard also offered Diablo III body pillows. Featuring three different characters, DiabloWiki.com - Unburied Unburied pictured, the pillows were made of hypoallergenic down. However, the body pillows also came with a disclaimer of possibly being cursed. It was advised that the body pillow was not to be transmuted with Wirt's third leg and tomb of Town Portal. The disclaimer also warned buyers that they were not responsible for any loss or possession of soul with contact with the pillow.

How would you like the smooth melodic voice of Deckard Cain directing your travels. Well, now you can. Blizzard introduced the Deckard Cain GPS voice pack. Just be careful not to get caught up in his ramblings too much and miss your turn.


World of Warcraft fans were also treated to the new Equiptment Potency EquivalencE Number (EPEEN) system. This new system adds a bar atop your character that shows just how good your gear is. As your gear goes up, so does your EPEEN. As the size of your EPEEN enlarges, your group of friends gets smaller. The system will automatically phase out any players who cannot compete with the size of your EPEEN. If you can get your EPEEN big enough, you will also be rewarded with an in-game pet, Binky the Mechano-Rosster. Just make sure that your EPEEN doesn't get too big or you will have nobody to play with.

Along with this, players were also tricked when viewing the WoW armory site. Every player's character was shown as a Tuskarr and ninja'd moves were flying rampant.

As if WoW players were not immersed enough in their game, Blizzard released the Battle.net Neural Interface. After putting on the device, the system will permanently link itself to your specific brainwaves allowing only you to use it. Once activated, the system will completely immerse you in WoW where all of your senses will be awakened. The sounds, sights and even taste of Azeroth will come alive as you continue about your travels. Boasting a modest price of only $14,999.00, the headset comes in blue, silver and pink. While the headset is known to break after a few months, replacements can be made at the cost of the buyer. We can only hope that this technology is available for Diablo III as well.

StarCraft fans were surprised with Queen's Quest. In the wake of the Brood Wars, many are struggling to find their way through the chaos made by the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg. In this new game, players journey through as the Queen of Blades. Introducing a new Text Praser system. All controls will be made via texting. The game includes a saxophone soundtrack, literary consultant and requires only seventeen floppy disks for installation. While the game is played on a phone, the game itself requires a computer for initial installment and then can be transferred over onto your phone. (screenshots pictured left)

Along with this game, Blizzard is also releasing Blackthorne 2 for people's portable phones. The game features photo-realistic graphics, a rocking sound-track, and complete Twitter and Facebook integration.

Finally, Blizzard also introduced the new Battle.net Matchmaking System. Whether you are an Orc Warrior or just a lonely Wizard you can use this new system to find dates, an ally, or a co-pilot.


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