Fifth Class Announced - Unicorn

Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard. The four classes announced thus far. We've all speculated about what the last class would be, smart money was on some form of bow class since no character specialized in the bow. However, we also failed to realize that no character class specialized in love, carrying saddle bags, or being cute.

Speculate no more, because the fifth class has finally been announced.
It's a pony!

A - Unicorn Unicorn, to be exact.

Blizzard briefly play tested the pony class, but found that the pony had a lack of weaponry. Horseshoes could be used to batter enemies, but that was about as far as it got. After some concept work, the team at Blizzard came up with the unicorn. With this change, came a host of new horn based weapons that could be used to gore enemies, skewer brains, and spread love.

Very little information is known of the skills the Unicorn will use, but we do know the skill trees available.

Rainbows and Puppies -
First and foremost, the Unicorn is about spreading love and happiness. This is where the unicorn differs from the other classes the greatest. While other classes would attempt to murder demons and animals, the Unicorn instead tries to be peaceful with them. A barbarian would rush in and desecrate the corpses of those Fallen Ones. However, with this skill tree, the Unicorn has skills that let it set up and impromptu tea party, infatuate enemies, even release a horde of fuzzy bunnies to lick enemies. It can also function as a support class, as while zombies are busy sipping tea, the other party members can slaughter them mercilessly. As an added bonus, the tea can be picked up, functioning as miniature health orbs. However, this skill tree is the subject of the most scrutiny. Blizzard has been criticized for the vast overlap this tree has with the "Emotional Support" tree. Changes will no doubt be made, and ideas have been circulating of making this an offensive casting tree, and moving skills such as Tea Party to the emotional support tree.

Unihorn - Where Rainbows and Puppies fails, the Unihorn is there to force love directly into the heart of the enemy, literally. One of the first skills we know of in this tree, is a viscous stab to the heart. This causes the enemy to bleed out on the ground, as well as serving as a warning to any nearby demons of what will come if they refuse the love of the Unicorn. Several skills were able to be transferred from the Pony to the new improved Unicorn through this tree. Charge, Gallop, and Trot all affect movement speed of the unicorn and give some interesting passive bonuses to it's combat skills. While Horseshoe Gore, Trample, and Stomp all use the Unicorn's cast iron horseshoes to bludgeon the enemy. Overall, this tree functions mostly as a melee combat tree, we'll no doubt be seeing Unicorn tanks with this tree.

Emotional Support - When asked about the Unicorn, the Barbarian responded with "What a great dude, despite not being able to understand anything I say, or respond with anything other than nickers or neighs, he knows how to listen, and is always there for me and the rest of the party." Truly, this off the record quote represents this tree. A pure support tree (yes, we DID get a healing class), this set of skills concentrates on buffing, healing, and aiding allies in the fight. As stated earlier, the Tea Party skill will likely be moved here, which may in turn replace Cookie Batter. As we all know, Unicorns poop cookie batter (they're magical creatures, don't question it) which can be used as a fairly effective restorative item. When equipped with an Easy Bake Oven, the Unicorn can expend mana to bake the batter, doubling the healing effectiveness. Also available to this tree, is the Rainbow Aura. To the right, is the aura in action. It bestows a modest increase in damage, as well as splitting the damage into 7 elements, one for each colour of the rainbow. Elements had to be added for violet, indigo, and orange. Being darkness, water, and orange respectively (much argument was raised over orange being an element, as our sources tell us, this was settled over a water cooler discussion, which soon escalated into a fist fight). The damage is evenly distributed between the 7 elements, giving players a very easy time with resistant monsters. Without a doubt, the Unicorn is destined to become one of the chief support classes in Diablo III.

It seems odd that Blizzard has been hinting at a Unicorn class for such a long time, yet just announced it. See below for it's first appearance.

Official Blizzard Quote:

The new Cow Level will be the Unicorn & Rainbow Level, at least I hope so A colourful and happy unicorn dealing 500-750 damage while braying.

What was thought to simply be a cryptic photoshop job by Bashiok, actually turned out to be the announcement of the fifth class! (third class, at the time, but since we're so late on the uptake, it's now the fifth class). And due to this tremendous update, Blizzard has also revamped some skills on the previous four classes; screenshots can be found on the wiki. The quote within the quote was said by a user, so of course, we may not be seeing a specific Unicorn level. But, of course if we do, that may mean that EVERY class is getting it's own level.

To celebrate the release of the new class, we at DiabloFans have completely redesigned the forums! (With a Homepage redesign coming Soon(TM).) In case you have not noticed, you'll see many more pictures of unicorns, ponies, and happy stuff than we had before. It also seems all of the staff members were stricken with Unicorn fever, as we've all felt the need to change our avatars and signatures to better mesh with the new class, and the new face of DiabloFans. Expect a domain name change soon, we're thinking of UniFans, CorniFans, even HornyFans (we'd get a lot more traffic from perverts, at least). A poll will be held at a later date to see which of the names the users like, you'll be able to get a say in what our website is permanently, irreversibly changed to!


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