It's Coming!?!

After a long dry spell of updates on Diablo III, there was an update on Diablo's Twitter page.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo: - It's coming.
If you don't want to tread into the dark waters that is Twitter, the link leads to this picture:

What could it be? A picture of the - Skill  Runes Skill Runes design? The icon for the unknown customization system? Something to do with the fifth class? Or more likely, considering April Fools is only days away, it has something to do with an April Fools joke.
Blizzard has never been shy when it comes to celebrating the great holiday of April Fools. Last year we were treated to a class reveal of the - Archivist Archivist. Using books and words, the Archivist was modeled after Deckard Cain. Blizzard has also done jokes with their other franchises such as the Bard class for WoW that used Guitar Hero-like controls to attack or the Transformer units for StarCraft.

So, maybe we haven't gotten any "new" news but, with all of this in mind, what do you think Blizzard will be doing for April Fools and us Diablofans?


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