Curse Announces SC2Mapster For Starcraft 2 Editor Community!

Interested in learning about or furthering SC2 Map making? Curse's new Mapping website, SC2Mapster, has a ton of the Galaxy API documented as well as some XML Modding documentation. In addition, we have quite a few projects that have already begun. As of right now, Mapster has achieved a few "world firsts", if you will.

Currently, Mapster is the first and only website to offer a Custom Tower Defense Map, created by our very own.

We also have the first and only Custom Tileset:

Now on to what most of you are probably looking here for; the Map Editor. Our Editor, dubbed MilkyWayEdit, can do the following:
  • Edit all Map Info/settings including Player Info (race, position, color)
  • Edit Galaxy files
  • Edit all GameData XML files
  • Place and edit Units
  • View 3D Unit-Models
You can see it in action here:

If you're interested, join us in the Mapster Forums or on IRC at #sc2mapster.


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