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Over the last few weeks, DiabloFans has been slowly but surely rising to the challenge of clan and guild support for our gamer member base. Beginning this month, DiabloFans will [B]support[/B] able and promising clans sprung through our community with forum space and privileges to help gaming culture prosper. Hoping to shed light on the old and the new to inspire and edify hopeful leaders, we have posted interviews for a long-standing Blizzard-based clan, [B]Tysan[/B], and a more recent one by one of our own, the [B]Brotherhood of Destruction[/B].

Now we jump back to the local scene with [B]Sons of Ohr[/B], a loosely-nit guild vying for new members with events already in the agenda, including an Ironman competition this Saturday at 3:00 PM PST (see [B]scheduling thread[/B] for more information).

Guild leader [B]Jetrall[/B] graced us with a unique and informative interview on his driving ambition, goals for Sons of Ohr, and inspiration behind its founding.
For a more complete picture of what the establishment of Sons of Ohr means for many from our years-old community, it may be helpful to look in to the past of its founder, Jetrall, himself a member from the fog of DiabloFans 2006, a time of chaos and community. Personally asked by a previous administrator, Umaro, to work on the technical areas of the site, he was made a moderator, and only a day later, an administrator, to better facilitate his line of work. Since then, he has contributed to DiabloFans in many ways, such as a major site redesign, Carbon Fibre, in summer of 2008 (with the indispensable help of [B]Atrumentis[/B]) and his tweaking of the latest design when it was [B]introduced[/B] by Curse powers-that-be in August of 2009.

Returned to us after a five-month hiatus on personal matters, he's back at full steam as a moderator once more. His return did not only bring more talent back to the DiabloFans staff team, but also some fire to mix with the blaze gathering in our [B]Guilds and Clubs[/B] forum. When asked what spurred him to found a guild only days after returning in full force to DiabloFans, he revealed some key components of the Sons of Ohr way (see bolded sections):

Quote from "Jetrall »
I think the first big thing that prompted my decision was the realization that, after not playing Diablo II for almost two years, I had basically no contacts on, anymore. [B]Having a group of friends you can count on is an integral part of multiplayer gaming[/B], from my experience. With that in mind, I knew that [B]I needed something that would fit a busy schedule and would be very open and non-exclusive[/B]. I didn't want to have to devote all my time to the guild or to the game. [B]I figured there were probably others out there like me: people without the time to deal with traditional guilds and needed something different.[/B'] Often times the best way to make your concept a reality is to do it yourself. So I did.

However, his desire to see a comfortable but competent clan take on the DiabloFans scene comes from more than even that. True to the spirit which drives many dedicated regulars to keep up-to-date with DiabloFans, its [B]forum board[/B], and our [B]Wiki[/B], he claims that "seeing the breath of life come back into the guilds forum tugged at the strings of nostalgia" for him. Little wonder, when one considers his role in an age-old guild of DiabloFans now wrapped in legend, the Silver Inferno Crusading Knights, or SICK as it is popularly called. Now gathering dust in a defunct [B]archive forum[/B], it was once the backbone of the DiabloFans active gaming community. The times he shared with SICK were not lost on him:

Quote from "Jetrall" »
Silver Inferno Crusading Knights (SICK) was a huge influence for me in terms of what a guild can strive to be. My experiences with that group, years ago, when it was still active here (on what was then helped me understand the social structure of a guild and the potential for what a motivated group of friends can achieve.

Even to this day, the acronym SICK brings to mind both good and bad memories, of both the guild's epic golden days and its slow death. Speaking of acronyms, Jetrall continued to tell us what inspired the name of his new guild, one which we hope will live on to similar grandeur, and one which shares more in common with SICK than one might think at first glance:

Quote from Interview »
[B]DiabloFans[/B]: How did you think up the name Sons of Ohr? Does it have any special significance?

[B]Jetrall[/B]: I was wondering when someone was going to ask me where that comes from. Originally, part of the concept for the guild was going to be a backstory;[B] a mythos that involved a religion (sound at all familiar?) bent on destroying evil in the name of a holy light-force.[/B]

"Ohr" is actually the Hebrew word for "light", so "Sons of Ohr" really means "Sons of Light". This seemed like a good choice, simultaneously delivering the mysticism I was looking for and acknowledging my cultural heritage. While the mythos idea was eventually scrapped, the name that I developed stuck.

With the innate strength of the guild's name comes the dual-importance of its logo. The forging of a guild's banner and logo should not be taken lightly; it is the face that goes before its members for its lifetime. Sons of Ohr is no exception, and imbued in its logo are symbols that inspire and encourage the avid Diablo player in the often mirthless channels and runs of Diablo II games:

Quote from Interview »
[B]DiabloFans[/B]: Your logo is quite sexy. Are the elements involved in it random or do they have intrinsic meaning?

[B]Jetrall[/B]: Why thank you. ;)

The symbolism in the logo is pretty simple, I think. [B]The shield represents strength of character and fortitude while the wings represent charity and a sense of weightlessness[/B] (the idea that the guild is not going to be heavy-handed or crush your schedule). That sort of thing.

Weightlessness, indeed, when one considers the segue to the next part of the interview: Sons of Ohr's interesting take on member allowances. Many clans and guilds across the Diablo realms require members to adhere to strict naming conventions, and reside in specific realms, if not channels, and even specify if members are allowed to be Softcore, Hardcore, Ladder, or Non-Ladder-only. SoO shuns such restrictions, but Jetrall also wisely acknowledges such freedom's possible pitfalls:

Quote from "Jetrall" »
I mentioned earlier trying to be flexible and non-exclusive. I think this is something few guilds manage to achieve - which is both a blessing a curse if you really look at it. While the notion of acceptance is very appealing to some people - especially those who may not always fit into a more common mold - there are also those that are skeptical. Some people may be put off by the idea of having to work around schedules that are very different from their own or having to deal with others' play styles. Still, I think that feeling of community we're trying to inspire will start to catch on sooner than later.

To keep members involved and attract prospective ones, Jetrall is doing his best to try innovative ways of posting guild news and history, such as the - Sons of Ohr Sons of Ohr Wiki page. The upcoming [B]Ironman competition[/B] is also a part of his initiative, one of what he claims his many ideas to spark Sons of Ohr to victory in the long-haul.

How fitting, then, that Sons of Ohr is based on a game that has, itself, been around for the long haul. Diablo II is nearing its decade anniversary, yet Jetrall draws courage from its endurance:

Quote from "Jetrall" »
The game has stood the test of time. I think that's something to strive for myself and to look at with confidence. When you're part of something that never seems to quit, it gives you that little boost to keep going yourself, you know? Hopefully we'll still be here when Diablo III comes out.

So, there you have it: another fledgling clan getting ready to spread its wings and soar through DiabloFans history. For more information about Sons of Ohr, contact [B]Jetrall[/B] or see any of the SoO threads in the [B]Guilds and Clubs[/B] forum. Stay tuned for more on the clan front as DiabloFans interviews on- and off-site leaders around the web!


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