Anyone Can Wear It
We all know that not every class can wield each type of weapon. However, what about armor? It is easy to see that each class has been shown with a very distinct look when it comes to their armor. The Barbarian is decked out in heavy armor, the Witch Doctor barely wears anything, and the Monk and Wizard have their light flowing armor. So, how does the varying types of armor fit into these distinct looks.

There is also the confusion that auto stats bring to the situation. In Diablo II, any class cold wear any armor as long as they put enough points into strength, but now that we cannot choose to do this. So, do stats still play a part in what armor we can equip? However, it has been stated that every character will be able to equip any piece of armor.

Well, Bashiok made a post answering some of these questions.

Official Blizzard Quote:

I've seen a lot of people say things similar to this, but it's kind of a funny notion. If we were to have armor types, which we don't, what would be the point of labeling them as "cloth, leather, mail, etc" if everyone could equip them?
First off, many fans should be happy with the fact that they are not using an "armor type" system similar to WoW's. In WoW, classes were restrained to wear only certain types of armor such as cloth, leather, mail, and plate. But in Diablo III, they will have no such system. Your Wizard will not be forced to wear only cloth armor. In fact, "cloth" armor does not even exist in the game. While we have seen items like "Leather Gloves" and "Quilted Pants", these titles are not specifying a type of armor, merely how strong the item is.

With the question about the unique looks if each character, Bashiok also responded by saying:

Official Blizzard Quote:

The look of the armor on your character is determined by the level of armor and your class. There are exceptions, but that goes for the majority of normal armor.
Therefore, every class will continue to look unique, despite everyone wearing the same armor. The item level of the armor and the character determine what it looks like and not necessarily the item itself. Which means, I don't have to worry about my Witch Doctor looking like your Barbarian when we have the same armor equipped. Another interesting note is at the end of his post. It appears that there will definitely be unique armor that looks the same no matter who is wearing it.

Unfortunately, this still leaves us with a lot of questions on just how the armor system will work. Will a Witch Doctor be able to equip certain armor at the same level as a Barbarian? Will the armor just give less defense on certain classes like the Monk? Will there be separate level restrictions on each piece of armor for each class? Hopefully, we will get some more information on this soon.


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