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On, a user asked Bashiok about the undeniable emergence of third party sites that offer trading and their own form of currency to trade with for Diablo III. While I won't mention any particular names, sites like these are heavily used for Diablo II to allow players to trade amongst each other more easily than spamming in rooms and muling tons of items. The user stated how these sites will drive Diablo III's community and control the economy in game.

Bashiok's response to the user was:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Hah. No it won't. All of the issues that exist in Diablo II that essentially force people to use these kinds of sites in order to establish a base economy and help concentrate the playerbase to a centralized trading location will all be completely unnecessary when we achieve our economic and trade goals with Diablo III.

Other users then continued to ask Bashiok how they planned to control the economy rather than letting these other sites control it. They wanted to know what Blizzard had in mind to control item trade.

Official Blizzard Quote:

We've always said we intend to have some type of in-game auction house type feature.

That alone would remove almost all desire to alt+tab and trade outside of the game. People use these sites because they centralize the trading community, and they establish a base currency. If there's no reason for people to leave the game, then they won't. It's as simple as that.
While it has been speculated on the past, here is definitive proof that Diablo III will have some form of auction house in-game for Diablo III. While it is unknown what form this auction house will take, it will make trading items much easier than it is in Diablo II. The great asset that auction's house bring is that you are able to trade items with players without having to have direct contact with that user. The auction house acts as a medium between the buyers and the sellers and conveniently puts it all in one place. More than likely, I see Diablo using an auction house similar to WoW's (yes I said it). The auction house functions very well and allows players to easily sell and buy items at their convenience. People are able to sell items without even having to be in-game at that moment.

Bashiok continued to reply to another question concerning the economy in-game. The question of ladder resets existing in Diablo III was asked. Ladder resets exist to essentially wipe the economy of high end items to reset the economy.

Official Blizzard Quote:

There's no reason for Diablo III to have ladder resets. They're a quick and dirty method of resetting the economy to 0 in Diablo II. It works. For a while. Then the great purging begins again.

And for anyone still worried about the economy in Diablo III, it appears that the team is more than capable of correcting a problem that exists in a game that is over ten years old.

Official Blizzard Quote:

We're designing a stable economy, we have the knowledge and experience to do so. We have people in-house with doctorates and degrees in statistics and economic analysis and all the know how to pull it off. I think we'll be ok.


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