Wiki Redesign - Portals and More

Diablofans received an upgrade last year during Blizzcon, with a new main page. It's long overdue, but the wiki has now finally received a similar face lift, casting off it's previous drabness that has held since last summer.
Enter the Portal. With a new design that allows for quick and easy overview, as well as select articles appearing as featured on a daily basis, the wiki finally sheds itself of it's old and scrawny look it has held practically since it's inception. The main page becomes increasingly focused on Diablo III and the subjects that are relevant to the entire series: - Lore Lore and - Media Media. No matter what information would will want to look for about Diablo III, it will be easy enough to find from here.

For those of you who still enjoy the current games, and plan to continue doing so even after Diablo III arrives, fear not. There are similar portals for the two older games in the series, easily reachable by clicking on the appropriate images to the right-hand side. Mods will also take a more prominent place in the new design, with a portal currently up for - Median XL Median XL, and more pages like this will come as we get more info about other mods into the wiki.

There's also a featured article on the front page, which may also appear on other portal pages as well. There we will showcase a random new article each day (as far as out supply goes). So be sure to visit the wiki everyday to what's posted there.

We've also included a small wiki news box as well. Major updates to the wiki, and perhaps minor as well, will appear there. so you regular users know what's happening without sifting through the - Recent Changes Recent Changes ;)

A big thanks goes out to Huck, newly arrived member here at Diablofans. He was at heart both the designer and creator of the new layout, and did it much better than I would have done (or was currently doing as a matter of fact). So be glad you didn't have to live with my design for another year.
The Hell
Some of you may remember the news article we did about The Hell a month ago; a massive mod project for Diablo I that not only overhauls the gameplay, but introduces many new and unusual features such as original music to enhance the mod. Diablo Wiki now expands its mod information by adding a host of articles for The Hell into the wiki. CableCat, who runs the current wiki for the mod, began moving the wiki pages over to Diablo Wiki last week, adding a lot of new mod info. If you play this very well-made mod for Diablo I, be sure to check out the new wiki pages about - Diablo: The Hell Diablo: The Hell.


Last week Jetrall, founder of the new guild - Sons of Ohr Sons of Ohr, took the opportunity to create a wiki page for the guild. Jetrall, never having worked with wiki code before did a pretty good job I must say.

The - Brotherhood of Destruction Brotherhood of Destruction, the other guild with a major presence here on Diablofans, did not to dawdle however. Immediately Kickin It, member of the guild and sysop of the wiki to boot, whipped up a page for their guild as well.

Only time will tell which guild page will look the most bad-ass.

New Sysops
You all may also have noticed the new purple names flying around the forum. I know Zhar gave them a brief introduction yesteday, but here follows a slightly longer account. Give them both a warm welcome.

Huck, as previously mentioned, begun his work hereby designing a new main page, and has now planning on expanding our much struggling D1 section of the wiki. He only speeds up the further he goes; I hope he doesn't get burned out because of it all ;)

As for the recent allegations that Huck is in fact a bot, I have no further comment.

Kickin_It has given his focus as of now on widening our info on D2, recently finishing up on the by far largest article in the wiki: a comprehensive and ordered list of all - Affixes (Diablo II) Affixes (Diablo II) in the game, but also devoting his attention to other game mechanic perspectives. He also knows other assorted crafts, such as how to create guild pages as previously mentioned :P

The wiki continues to grow. And other changes are on the horizon as well...


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