Community Spotlight - Chapter VIII

It's halfway through March, and that means it's time for another Community Spotlight!

Not much has gone down in the last two weeks. Blue posts are starting to slow down, and the useful information is also starting to become more and more scarce (though, we have a way to combat this, with the Lighter Side articles); however, this doesn't mean it's been quiet in the forums, or more importantly, in the wiki. There's quite the update in the works right now, with many more on the way. You'll love it, trust me.

Anywho, my introductory ramblings aside, let's move on to the community, shall we?

(Still experimenting with new colours [or colors, for you American folk], so bear with me)

The Forums

First off, we've got a thread concerning the best uniques you've ever found, created by MasterMorality. No, not uniques like a Shako, uniques like Pukemaw the Rapist, anyone else remember those gloriously disgusting names for unique monsters back in Diablo II. Anywho, this thread is all about unique monsters. What they were named, their stats, and your experience trying to take them out.

Next, we've got a nostalgic thread, all about the Tristram theme music. guilhermeufsc brought this up, pointing out how the theme music was responsible for a massive part of the melancholic, dreary atmosphere of Tristram. Several pages later, and users were recalling the fantastic scores to be found in Diablo I. Personally, I thought that Diablo I has the best music of all, but, if you think otherwise, discuss away.

Now, I'm completely biased towards this next thread, since Jetrall rocks n' all, but right now, he's putting together a Helghast soldier costume. Helghast soldiers were the soldiers from the game Killzone. Thus far, the materials he's got sound pretty solid, and I've got high hopes for this costume. Hopefully he will post pictures in due time...

This next one is a plain and simple barometer of how well our community thinks Blizzard is doing with our (yes, OUR) game. snillum101 posted up this poll, asking a generalized question of how well we think that Blizzard is doing with Diablo III. Thus far, we only have 3 votes in the "below average" grouping. Thus, I say we give Blizzard a hand for keeping us happy.

Some solid debating in this next one, revolving around the various character resources, and how they will affect dueling. Chalk brought this up, wondering how the Barbarian and Witch Doctor in particular will fare in duels. On one hand, the Barbarian must attack to use skills. While the Witch Doctor runs on the classic mana resource. Both will provide wildly different styles of gameplay, which will only be emphasized by duels. 3 pages of discussion thus far, get in there.

Forum Changes

At long last, we've got two new wiki sysops!

Zhuge and PhrozenDragon deserve a serious round of applause for keeping the wiki afloat for so long, with only themselves to contribute consistently.

BUT, now Huck and Kickin_It have joined the ranks of the Diablofans staff, congratulate them if you have the time.

Fan Creations

The three forum sections in question are beginning to go silent once more, we can't let this happen people!!!

Fan Fiction

Right now, Nekrodrac is dominating the fan fiction forum, with his two stories. Fairy Tales Revisited, and Dfans the movie, both quite funny, if I do say so myself.

Fan Art

Unless I'm horribly mistaken, we actually have no fan art to show off this time around. Somebody get on that...

However, Yngvar's Fan Art went up in the Official Blizzard Fan Art section, as seen in our recent news post. Give the man a hand, he's produced some amazing Fan Art.


Scyberdragons' Zombie Survival Tactics game has steamrolled onwards through the March break, providing a new way to play RP's on the forum.

However, my own RP has calmed down over the March break.

The Wiki

Two new sysops, wiki updates on the way, and clans starting to roll in. Quite an intense time right now.

An article will be coming quite soon, showcasing the snappy new wiki in all its glory. Though, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you, so I'm not going to go into details just yet. In fact, you should stay the hell away from the wiki, as well.

Nothing new to see there, scat.

In Conclusion...

It's been a rather quiet first-half-of-month round' here. Of course, things will pick back up once we're back into the swing of things, and out of the holidays.

So, until then, have a good one everybody.


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