Undocumented 1.13b Patch Notes

Once again, there are undocumented patch notes which are semi important. The Charge-lock and Leap-lock bugs have been common issues for years now.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Two changes did not make it into the 1.13b patch notes:

- Fixed an issue where the Paladin's Charge ability would become locked out if Holy Shield faded while charging.
- Fixed an issue where the Barbarian's Leap ability could become locked out if they were hit while leaping.

In addition, the Rune Drop rates have been increased by 4x again. The 1.13a drop rates were increased as follows:

With 1.13b, all rune drop rates were increased by 4x their original. Meaning all lower, mid, and high runes. The new increases for the high runes are as follows:


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