Crafting in Diablo III

Mixing, matching, transmuting, and crafting have been a structured and useful, to varying degrees, part of Diablo II since its release. Now that we're on the verge of another year in the development cycle, we may be getting closer to what exactly crafting, in whatever form it assumes in Diablo III, entails.
In the past, crafting, or transmuting as it is more correctly called in the context of the Diablo world, was done with the - Horadric Cube Horadric Cube, introduced in vanilla Diablo II in a quest in - Lut Gholein Lut Gholein. Various items would be placed inside the Cube, also functioning as extra storage space, and the Transmute button would be clicked. If you knew what you were doing or read some online lists of transmutable items, a new item would be made and the old items would be gone. If you didn't, well, you would experience a fail. (More about transmuting here.)

While some have stated the desire to see the Horadric Cube return in Diablo III, others have been looking for new ways of slanting a possible crafting system. Early last year, when more of the UI was released in snapshots, our forum board went abuzz with talk of the mysterious new "Talisman," as it was called by Bashiok (see right). Was it possible that this was the new crafting system? However, nothing further was revealed, and the Talisman remained what it was: a mystery and an annoying secret. Furthermore, with the UI changes that have assailed the game since early last year, this may not still be on their development platter.

Now, in response to some good ol' fashioned fan inquiry, we have a new but no more helpful update!

Official Blizzard Quote:

Item crafting and/or augmentation isn't something we've discussed/revealed yet. I think it's obvious there will be some ability to change an item after you've picked it up off the ground, but what that will actually entail is a secret to be revealed later.

Besides confirming that crafting will be in the game, although that could probably have been surmised long ago, it also brings the discussion topic back to the community. What form do you think crafting will take in Diablo III? Is it a welcome sight?

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