Sanctuary Through Rose-Colored Lenses

With this warm heart-filled holiday, we here at Diablofans would like to introduce you to the fifth class. Most of us expected that the fifth class would be using a bow and arrow as his primary weapon and we were right. Welcome Cupid as the fifth and last class to join the other Heroes in Sanctuary. Equipped with his bow and arrow, Cupid also has a wide array of skills at his disposal.

From the writings of Abd al-Hazir

"I had heard of this legendary man but it was not until now that I got my first glimpse of the winged man. His butt cheeks faced me as I approached him. He spoke of Love and Peace in a world that had gone mad with hatred and greed. I saw his infamous bow with his heart shaped arrows in his quiver. It is said that a prick of this arrow will cause you to fall madly in love with the next person you see.

I sat down next to the baby-esque man and asked him why he left the Heavens to come to this wretched world. His only answer was love. I was confused to say the least until I saw his power in action. A Barbarian burst through the doors of the tavern and demanded a drink from the barkeep. He then took his drink and slammed it down. Soon after, the man aggressively started taunting everyone in the bar for a fight. The archer next to me stood up and pulled out an arrow from his quiver. He took aim and fired the arrow deep into the Barbarian's behind. The Barbarian immediately stopped his fight as his rage was quickly replaced with love. He sat down next to a gruesome looking woman and began making out with her.
The archer turned towards me and said that you do not have to fight if you can win them over with love. He left the tavern but not before raining down more of his magical arrows onto the patrons of the bar. The place soon became a hedonistic love palace, of which I am ashamed to admit, I participated in. I left the bar feeling better than I had ever felt before. This man truly had a power unlike any I had seen before.

I chased the man down and followed as I watched him continue his love assault. He came upon a horde of Fallen demons, those who I have seen tear the flesh on women and children. He once again raised his heart tipped arrow and fired the shot in midst of the group. The winged man then continued his walk straight through the thick of the demons. Not a single one paid any attention to the man as he walked amongst them. Bravely, I followed closely behind him, weary of Love's effect on these beasts.

I asked the Angel where he planned on going to which his reply was simply where he was needed most. He told me that he would not stop his tyrant of Love until all in Sanctuary fell under its power. He spoke of this emotion as if it were a weapon, as if he could harness it to bend the will of others. I was in awe of the power and control Love had over anyone and everyone."

Just like the previous classes, there is a female version to play as well (pictured right). This class wears little to no armor and relies on their ranged abilities to avoid any damage. Staying far away from the fight is Cupid's ideal strategy. They also have wings that they can use to fly high above their enemies avoiding further damage taken.
The resource system they use is called "Love". It is gained by shooting arrows of love into unsuspecting monsters and getting them to love one another. If you see a bunny on the ground or a rainbow in the sky, you also gain extra Love. You can then unleash your Love upon the world and destroy all of those who resist it. Using Love, Cupid has many skills to help vanquish all the love-haters in Sanctuary.
Love Struck: Strikes the enemy deep into their heart causing them to bleed over (x) secs.
Blinded by Love: Causes all enemies to be blinded and stop attacking.
Love is in the Air: Cupid sends out a slew of arrows to rain down on multiple enemies.

Beyond this new class, Blizzard has revealed a few more items with this new screen shot. The Barbarian is wielding a lovely bouquet of roses to smite his enemies with. We can also see a "Cute Teddy Bear" that raises the love of the wearer. It appears that when equipped, the Cute Teddy Bear helps attract members of the opposite gender. On the ground is also a "Candy Heart Box". This item could be used for almost anything. My guess is that it will replenish health upon use.

Diablo II

Beyond this news of Cupid being in Diablo III there were also rumors about Cupid originally appearing in Diablo II but was cut out due to development restrictions. Here you can see Cupid's Love Shack that was removed from Lut Gholein. One can only speculate exactly what happened in this love shack.

If you search your Lord of Destruction install disc, there is a file for an alternate ending where Cupid shoots the World Stone with a love arrow in an attempt to defeat the corruption and turn the stone into a source of Love instead of Tyrael destroying it. It makes you wonder just how the story would have continued for Diablo III had they chosen to use this ending.

Lastly, here is a screenshot taken from when they were testing the character. If we zoom in, it appears as though Cupid has hit an Amazon with his love arrow and she has fallen in love with Warriv. I would love to see this attack on some Fallen or even Diablo himself.

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Happy Valentine's Day


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