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Have you ever had the need to express how you feel and words just don't seem to get your point across? Why not use an emoticon? DiabloFans already hosts a wide array of "smilies," ranging form the the generic smile and evil smile to the always popular hammy; however, these emoticons have not fulfilled every feeling someone might have- until now.

DiabloFans is proud to introduce the next line-up of emoticons for members to have at their disposal. Below is a list of the emoticons, the emotion they express, and the code to use them.

| Facepalm|:facepalm: || Monk| :monk:
| Confused| :S|| Barbarian| :barb:
| Sad|QQ|| Wizard| :wiz:
| Ban Hammer|:ban: || Witch Doctor| :wd:
| Beg/Please|:beg:|| Fifth Class*|:?:
| Ninja'd|:ninja:|| Mini Diablo|:miniD:
| Gross|:bleh:| | Diablo|:bigD:
| Kiss|:kiss:|| Spam|:can:
| Giggle|:hehe:|| Cat|:kitty:
| Pirate|:pirate:|| Flamming|:flame:
| Rage|:boom:|| Trolling|:troll:
| Dead|:dead: || Brick|:brick:
*The fifth class emoticon will be made after it is revealed.
**Note: all codes are shown italicized to break the code. When using the codes do not italicize.

Feel free to use any and all of these to help your posts really express what you are feeling. I hope you guys enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them. If you have any other suggestions for more emoticons or have some yourself, please share them with us and we might add them into our ever-expanding line-up.


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