The Lighter Side - Storms and Fingers

Twas a Creepy Night in Irvine...

The Diablo Staff had a dark and creepy night to work in down in Irvine.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo: It's a dark and stormy night here in Irvine, which is setting the mood for some dark and stormy Diablo III development.
For all of you saying that the game will not be "dark", pray for some more stormy nights in Irvine to help inspire the Diablo team to make this game just that much more creepier. I only hope that the team doesn't get too scared and stop working on the game in fear of nightmares in the middle of these dreary nights.

This brings some interesting insight to the weather in the game as well. While there will not be day and night cycles, there are clearly weather patterns in the game. If the team is taking inspiration from their own weather, will we not get any snow in Diablo III or smog near the cities like typical California weather?

Also, don't forget that after most rainy days, a rainbow is soon to follow.


Fingers of Fury

The Monk is known for his fists of fury but what about the fingers at the end of those fists. People often disclude fingers from fighting since they usually get tucked away in a fist but with years of training, a Monk's fingers can be just as deadly as any other extension of their body.

Official Blizzard Quote:

OR! You can explain it away by saying that she's actually punching so fast it looks like she's mostly standing still, but her fingers have broken the time barrier and exist in multiple dimensions

The female Monk's fingers are so quick that they cannot even be seen. I wonder what skills she might have with these lightning fast fingers? Perhaps a move where she plunges them into the heart of monsters and tears it out or blinding monsters by poking them in the eye. She could even have a skill that turns her own fingers into more fist to punch with (see image right).
What kind of fingers would you like to see her have in-game?

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